Celebrate with me!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

In Business Magazine 40 Under 40.... it's still sinking in.

I am so touched that my story, my journey, and the business that I built was honored in this way.

Only a few years ago I didn't know who I was. I didn't know what I was put here to do and that was soul crushing.  I wasn't happy living an unfulfilled life. Confusion and fear held me back from making a change.

And now? I've gotten to know myself and with that clarity discovered the impact I want to have in the world. I choose every day, as hard as it can be some days, to be happy.

And the one thing I know?

My 40 Under 40 recognition is not my success alone.

I couldn't do it without your love and encouragement. 

To celebrate, I have something special for you.

A one time only deal.

I've NEVER done anything like this before (and I don't plan to do it again). As a small token of my thanks I've come up with two ways for you to coach with me, no matter your budget. 

Here's what I've created for you:

"Heart & Hustle" session (40 minute)

*only four available*

"Channeling Your Inner Superwoman: Life on Your Terms" package (3 month, 40 minute twice monthly sessions)

*only four available*

How does coaching work?

>>> Bring your agenda (or come as you are and we will create goals & plans).

>>> Ask me anything.

>>> Get started.

>>> Finally finish.

Clarity, motivation and accountability to make things happen.

One step closer to your life's mission.

It's BIG stuff ladies. Change doesn't happen by chance.

This offer is an incredible opportunity!

My rates weren't even this low when I started coaching in the fall of 2010.

This massive discount is is being offered one day only...

Wednesday, March 30th.

It's been a lot of heart and hustle. I'm incredibly lucky to have had so much success and I want to give back to those who have been so supportive of my dream.

If you've been waiting for the right time to work with me....this is IT!

>>> 40 minute "Heart & Hustle" session

(only 4 available)

>>> Investment: 40

>>> 3 Month "Channeling Your Inner Superwoman: Life on Your Terms" package (40 minute sessions: twice monthly)

(only 4 available)

>>> Investment: 400

This offer is good for anyone and everyone (even my beloved returning clients). No exclusions.  First come, first served. Coaching is by phone or video call. [Use before December 31, 2016].

This offer will sell out quickly! Jump on it now.

Not sure? Send me an email (laura@lauragmeinder.com) or check out my "Raves" page to see what my past clients are saying.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!