What makes you YOU is your competitive advantage

Are you struggling to figure out what you good at- or put it into words?

Are you curious to discover how to use your unique strengths to level up personally- and professionally?

If so we have the PERFECT package for you! Read on...

Lead From Your Strengths Package

Work with Melanie Schneider and Laura Gmeinder to discover, identify and exploit the best of you.

This package includes:

  • StrengthsFinder Online Assessment ($15 value)
  • One hour Strengths Deep Dive session with Melanie Schneider. Learn what your top 5 strengths say about you. ($125 value)
  • One hour Shift & Shine session with Laura Gmeinder. Now that you know your strengths create a plan to shine in the new year. Set goals. Define success. Get ready to shine. ($175 value)
  • BONUS How to Find Your *it*: Six Secrets to Harness Your Awesome and Discover Your Perfect Career eBook (which includes 7 activities to help you create a life you love).
  • BONUS Goal Getter Blueprint to help you set goals and take action to bring inspired change.
  • BONUS video and/or audio recording of your Shift & Shine session.
  • All for $199 (This limited time offering is valued at $375+).

(Package sessions must be completed within two months of purchase date).

What to Expect?

"Revelations and ah-ha moments popping off like fireworks."

Shortly after you pay for your package you will receive a link and code to take an online assessment at your leisure.  Once completed, you will schedule your Strengths Deep Dive with Melanie.  This session will open your eyes to what makes you, you.  These insights will inspire you and show you what's possible if you lean into your strengths. Using this new found knowledge you will then work with Laura to implement into you life, career or business. Set measurable goals. Define success on your terms. Get ready to shine.

A Little About...

MELANIE (Super Powers, aka Strengths: Input, Restorative, Individualization, Achiever, Significance)

Melanie Schneider is a coach who recognizes clients’ unique qualities and she assists them in capitalizing on their talents and strengths. A calming presence and counseling psychology background has equipped her with the ability to help clients become more self aware and meet their goals. Melanie is an innovative educator who has been coaching college students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for almost two decades. She has extensive experience helping individuals with their academic, career, and personal development. Through her service to students, faculty, and the campus community she was awarded the campus-wide Excellence in Student Affairs award. In addition to being a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, she is certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator.

LAURA (Super Powers, aka Strengths: Communicator, Activator, Strategic, Maximizer and Woo)

Laura Gmeinder can be found cheering on her clients at the corner of leadership and self love. She often sees a bigger potential for her clients then they initial see for themselves when they seek her.  Laura is a leadership coach, certified HR business consultant and motivational speaker ( “passion igniter”) with a degree in adult education and life coach training. Laura is an engaged leader; she is a graduate of Leadership Greater Madison,  a past president of the Junior League of Madison and a co-organizer and speaker for Disrupt Madison. She was included in this year's In Business Magazine “40 Under 40” for her business savvy and civic contributions. Her expertise has been shared in media for outlets like Huffington Post, US News & World Report and WSJ MarketWatch. And it's all because she stopped waiting for life to show up and decided to create it by harnessing what sets her apart- her strengths of course.


Melanie Schneider: info@masteryourstrengthscoaching.com

Laura Gmeinder: laura@laurgmeinder.com