Are you ready for what's next?

Are you called to lead at work or in your business but not sure where to start?

Maybe you are even feeling a little stuck, overwhelmed or unfulfilled?

You aren't reading this by chance. Everything happens for a reason.  Let me guess, you are here looking for something MORE?

(How do I know? I can relate.)

What's next for you is BIG.

Your *it*.

The impact you want to make.

The leader you care called to be.

That thing you were put her to do.

Deep down you know. And that feeling won't go away.

It might come as a quite whisper that keeps calling to you.

(As much as you don't understand it or try to ignore it, that voice, that feeling stays with you).

It's because you are meant for MORE.

But you aren't sure where to start. And maybe you are even afraid to make the wrong move.

You need clarity-  and a little guidance served with a side of motivation, encouragement and accountability to push past your doubt.

And that's where I come in.

I champion your potential. I help you shine. I challenge you to make your mark, to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Because it's what I am passionate about (check out my "Ladies who Lead" manifesto)

Do you doubt yourself?

We all do at times. Fear reveals what we want most. Coaching offers a powerful new perspective for change as you pivot from a life that has evolved to one you LEAD. These powerful new insights lead way to the laser focus that will turn your dreams into an actionable plans.

Why coaching? Inspiration + Goals + Action = Change

Coaching is a process of reflecting to focus on what you want - and how you will get it.

Coaching is a process of reflecting to focus on what you want - and how you will get it.

It's simple really. You are the expert in YOU.  My role is to listen and ask the questions you can't or won't ask yourself- to help you achieve greater clarity. To call out your inner leader. It's a process that helps you have difficult conversations with your head and heart.

A recent Forbes article, "Life Stuck in Neutral? Shift into Gear With a Coach" references a PricewaterhouseCoopers study on the impact of working with a coach:

  • 80% improved self-confidence
  • 70% improved work performance
  • 67% improved life/work balance (blend)

LEAD at WORK (emerging leaders)

You may be a good fit to work with me if:

  • You are a "success" in your career, yet you feel like something is missing.
  • You make choices based on doubt instead living life on your terms. You want to lead but don't always know how.
  • You feel stuck and it's soul crushing! You know you have a bigger purpose, you're just not sure what *it* is.
  • {THE BIGGIE} You are ready for change.  You're excited -and a little scared for what's next. You are so willing to put in the hustle + embrace the risks associated with moving forward. It's so worth it, but if you aren't ready to open your heart, work hard and take risks then you're not ready to work with a coach. {Just tellin' it like it is.}

LEAD in your BUSINESS (coaches & soloprenuers)

You may be a good fit to work with me if:

  • You're spinning your wheels in your business. You don't know where to start or what to do next.
  • You started a side gig and are ready to take the leap (buh bye corporate life!)
  • You want to up level your mindset to get visible and attract your ideal client.
  • You ready to be seen as a thought leader in your industry (#speakerlife)
  • {THE BIGGIE} You are ready for change.  You're excited -and a little scared for what's next. You are so willing to put in the hustle + embrace the risks associated with moving forward. It's so worth it, but if you aren't ready to open your heart, work hard and take risks then you're not ready to work with a coach. {Just tellin' it like it is.}

Let's be honest ladies: in our busy world time to reflect and create a plan for what you want doesn't just happen. You need to make time. You need to put you first. (And yes, coaching can help with that too.)

"So we started. And in our first session, I felt I was all over the place. Revelations and ah-ha moments popping off like fireworks. She listened and coached and asked questions and I was a mix of faith and excitement and sheer joy!"

ROI: What can I expect?

  • The clarity you crave to create what's next.
  • Encouragement to go from taking ACTION.
  • Confidence you need to harness your inner leader.
  • Lots of Oprah style "Ah hah" moments. Reflection at it's best!
  • Techniques and mindset to overcome what's holding you back.
  • Move past doubt; tools to understand what your fear is trying to tell you.
  • Increased satisfaction with your relationships.
  • Accountability and a little tough love.
  • Safe space= no judgement zone.
  • Permission- sometimes the rules we hold are so strong we just need someone else to give us permission to break them!

RESULTS? My fabulous clients MAKE *it* HAPPEN.

Here are a few examples of what they accomplished as a result of our time together:

  • launched a coaching business
  • pivoted to a dream job
  • quit a toxic job to travel the world
  • negotiated a salary $10,000 over the offer
  • landed a sought after promotion
  • learned to love herself- and then prince charming came along to love her (of course!)
  • took on a leadership role
  • grew her business
  • saved her marriage
  • {most importantly} they no longer let fear hold them back!

Let's Get Started!

I work with my clients in a variety of ways. Below is my most popular "Ladies Who Lead" package.

Ladies Who Lead package

What's included?

  • Welcome Package An detailed welcome package filled with questions to reflect and enable you to best prepare for our time together. It will ensure that we are clear on what's going on in your work life and (most importantly) where you want to go. This is a great way to get the coaching started before we've even had a session. It requires you to do a little soul searching. It's a useful process to kick start change.

  • Coaching Blueprint Session The first meeting is a 90 minute intensive Blueprint Session so that we can review the highlights of the welcome package....your first of many "ah ha" moments... and dig deep into your desired coaching outcome (don't worry, we will review and fine tune your agenda, goals and action items at the beginning of each session to ensure you're moving quickly towards what's next).

  • (5) Five 45 Minute Sessions Biweekly coaching calls (by phone or video) that are completely personalized to you and what you need in the moment so that you get exactly what you need from me. Video and/or audio recording of each session by request.

  • Coaching It's more than 45 minutes a pop. Much of the growth you will experience goes beyond the sessions with "bring the action" exercises and reflection tools (homework) so that you are constantly moving towards your goals. The focus is on lasting change.

  • Access Email and text access to me between our sessions so that if you have any urgent questions, need encouragement or've got it.

  • Additional Resources Examples include: personalized reading list, podcast recommendations or motivational videos to ensure that you are getting the most out of your own personal growth and professional development. BONUS you will also have access to the Ladies Who Lead portal full of resources, tools and suggestions to help you make your mark.

  • Clarity A clear and exciting direction for your life. You’ll be equipped with tools, techniques and new habits to ensure you get to where you want to be.

  • Results The coaching experience is life changing when you set specific goals and take action towards achieving what you want in life. Confidence comes from building on small wins.

Ready? Let's Do This! Use the button below to purchase the "Ladies Who Lead" option*.

*Yes, darling: payment plans by request. Hit me up:

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WHY CHOOSE ME AS A COACH? Ready my bio to learn more:

Laura S. Gmeinder is a passion igniter. She’s the Leading Lady at Laura Gmeinder Coaching & Consulting. Those in-the- know would tell you she’s an award winning coach and business consultant.

Laura’s holds a degree in adult education (University of Wisconsin- Madison), has studied through the Coach Training Institute and holds her Professional of Human Resources and is a SHRM member. She is an In Business Magazine “40 Under 40”, honored for her business savvy and civic contributions. She is a contributor for the International Coach Federation (ICF) Coach World, served as a coach for the Emerging Women Live conference (deemed a “Top Women’s Conference” by Forbes) and founder of the Coach Collective. She creates coaching cultures for her corporate clients, including strategy, training and implementation. In addition, Laura is a proud graduate of Leadership Greater Madison, in leadership for the Doyenne Group (women's entreprenurial group), Past President of the Junior League and the Vice President of Disrupt Madison and Disrupt Milwaukee. She strives to live an interesting life; the above was accomplished in the spirit of “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Still not sure? Here are what my clients are saying: 

"Laura gave me the courage to quit my job (one that I was not incredibly enthusiastic about) to return to the field I’m sure I was born to work in."

"Laura’s coaching helped me get over my fears and self doubt so that I could raise my rates and also part ways with some clients my business had outgrown.  It was so good for my business’s long term health, because even though I went into it feeling like I “knew” all the things I had to do to get my business where I wanted it, Laura helped me find the confidence to enact change. "

"Coaching with Laura was a great experience!  Her knowledge and dedication came through every step of the way. Having another person to talk with, work with, and look things over is good.  Having another person to talk with, work with, and look things over that knows how to communicate, understands the needs of their customer, and brings with them a vast amount of experience and resources is AMAZING. Without a doubt I would work with Laura again."  

"You've changed my life more than you will ever know!"

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Not ready to go steady? Let's date. HERE is a great option to work with TWO coaches to figure out your strengths as a leader and adjust your mindset for success.

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