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{ Professional bio}

You could give Laura Gmeinder pronounced: JUH-meyen-der many titles:  Curious Coach, Leadership Champion, Workplace Strategist, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Visibility Vixen or Dream Chaser but her favorite is: Passion Igniter.

Laura began her career in the corporate environment, proudly representing one of America’s most trusted and recognizable brands for 14 years. During her tenure, she worked intimately with all levels of executive leadership and management, coaching and leading them to success. There Laura built high-trust relationships as a coach and trusted consultant, the foundation she created that ultimately resulted into a successful business.

Laura inspires her clients to discover and exploit their inner passion en route to greater teamwork and productivity. She thrives on the “WHY,” knowing that if people reflect and examine their inner self—individual and team goals, aspirations and ambitions—their true desires will be revealed. And it’s that very authenticity that leads to personal growth, achievement and success.

One client at a time.

As a motivational speaker, Laura truly shines. She has an innate ability to read her audience and quickly builds trust. She knows just when to add a zinger or bit of sass to make a point or lighten the mood.  She leans heavy on her business savvy and sense of humor to give memorable engaging, entertaining and educational presentations to groups of all ages, large and small.

As an award winning business professional and writer, Laura is often interviewed by leading media.  She has been quoted in the Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal's "Market Watch" and US News and World Report to highlight a few. She is a contributor for the International Coach Federation "Coach World" and This Woman Can.  In addition, she wrote "How To Find Your *it*. Six Secrets to Harness Your Awesome and Discover Your Perfect Career." She has been featured on tv and interviewed for podcasts.

Laura takes pride in giving back to the community that’s given her so much, which In Business Magazine recognized by including her in the 2016 "40 Under 40" class.  Laura is an engaged community leader most notably as Past President of the Junior League of Madison. She is a graduate of Leadership Greater Madison. Laura also serves (or has served) in leadership roles for various other nonprofits, including but not limited to the United Way of Dane County Business Volunteers Network and Community Awards Selection Committee and Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. She is in leadership for the Doyenne Group (a women's entrepreneurial group) providing support with coaching and co-facilitating their quarterly business development workshops.  She is a co-organizer for Disrupt Madison and Milwaukee.

Laura holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in Family and Consumer (Adult) Education.  She is a certified Professional of Human Resources (PHR) and members of SHRM. In addition, she has taken Life Coach training from CTI and spent thousands of dollars and countless hours working with top coaches like Darcy Louma, Rebecca Tracy, Andrea Owen, Amy E Smith, Jessica Sisto and Jenn Scallia to grow her craft and cherry pick best practices to offer her clients a unique value proposition. Laura is a life long learner who regularly attends conferences and coach specific continuing education training to stay at the cutting edge of the personal growth industry with a focus on leadership and business best practices. This fall she is a featured coach for Emerging Women Conference.

{ The Real Deal...My Story }

 Nice to meet you! Me...happy. (Big Sur, CA)

Nice to meet you! Me...happy. (Big Sur, CA)

Why hello and thanks for stopping by. I'm just tickled pink you are here! (sorry, I know I am supposed to write this in 3rd person, but I don't always like to follow the rules and the sooner you embrace that, the better we will get along). 

About Me

I've always been driven to succeed.  I set personal goals and....blow them out of the water (well mostly or if I don't it's a hard fought life lesson learned).  My college internship turned into a job, which turned into a career.  I had opportunities to work with a dedicated, talented team and really enjoyed coaching and counseling them on employee issues, leadership development and so much more (I'd tell you but I am sworn to secrecy). My goal was to be promoted into management by the time I was 30.  When that imaginary deadline tiptoed up on me, and the career advancement opportunities I craved to make a deeper impact in my organization were few and far between and my personal life was...well, kind of a hot mess...I was lost. I had to ask myself some hard questions:

  I'm a risk taker! My first time sailing. A gorgeous day on the San Francisco bay.

I'm a risk taker! My first time sailing. A gorgeous day on the San Francisco bay.

Do I want to leave the company I love to get into management?

Do I love HR or is it just something I fell into? 

Should I start a new career? 

Why have I always wanted to start my own business?

Why do I feel so lost, like I'm floating down the stream of life?

Who DO I want to BE? (the elusive question that frustrated me the most!)

All of these questions scared the SH*T out of me!  My life was nothing like I expected it to be at 30. I was single again, no husband in sight and certainly years away from being the world's best mom.

So what did I do?

I set out on an INTENSE journey to get to know myself.  I attended a intensive career change workshop, filled out assessments (like the DISC, Meyers Briggs and Strengths Finder) and soaked in knowledge provided by business development classes, coaching classes (CTI shout out), accepted leadership roles, and much more. I found comfort and confidence in volunteering (you always get more than you give!). I read books and blogs to plan and plot. One of my mentors reached out to me early on and wanted me to coach her....and well, everything snowballed from there. And when I started coaching clients I knew this was what I was meant to do.

My calling is to help people to be happy.

And yes, to answer those hard questions above, I do love HR! I love working with ambitious women ready to make their mark:  a big promotion, pivot to a new career or contemplate starting a business.... but really it's all about the big picture, you know this crazy thing called LIFE.  It's a special place to be in to influence small businesses; consulting has been such a great fit for me too. I love helping my clients take a challenge and turn it into a SUCCESS! I talk a lot about the intersection of work and life on my blog but here's a snapshot of what makes me, me:

10 fun, quirky facts about me:

  1. I am a Libra, so I am continually trying to find the perfect balance between my head and my heart....and everything in between.
  2. I am a business junkie.  I love to wake up and read the Harvard Business Reviews "Management Tip of the Day". Smart is sexy!
  3. I have the soul of an artist. I love iphotography, graphic design, writing and live music. I love that I can capture life one memory at a time. Since I have embraced this fact about myself my joy has increased exponentially...ah self reflection.
  4. I was scared I would never get married until I was scared I would get married. What?!! Let's dig deeper. It's a big deal. I just want to marry the RIGHT person. TRUTH: Coaches struggle too. (p.s. I found him and I'm not scared). Don't be afraid to revise your story.
  5. I LOVE standard poodles. If I see someone walking a poodle I will pull over to see if I can pet it. Sophie (my fur baby) does not approve.
  6. I am drawn to water (although I'm an air sign). My perfect summer day is spent on a boat.
  7. I've lived in the same place my entire life. Tell it Dorothy! ("There's no place like home."). One of the many reasons I love to travel!
  8. Since I was a little girl, I have been asking "WHY?" much more than any situation calls for. 
  9. I am an extrovert (ENFP) but am a little slow to warm-up to new people (I think other people call that shy).  Networking events secretly overwhelm me...but then I just wait 10 minutes and the extrovert energy flows through my veins. 
  10. I am a foodie, but my favorite (comfort food) meal is still chicken noodle soup with cottage cheese (don't judge until you try it!) and pb & j (crunchy peanut butter and mom's strawberry jelly please and thank you). A meal to make my inner child happy!