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Hi! I'm Laura.

Together we are going to change the world. (Well, at least your world- or business. You've got to start somewhere, right?

Being a leader is not about titles, it's about inspiring those around you to be their best.

We are all leaders. Individually and collectively.

So how do we do this? By creating the right mindset for success to thrive. And by focusing on and enhancing what you do best.

If you are here looking for support to create work and life on your terms, you are in the right spot: individual and team strategies for success for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.

I so look forward to working with you- so read on or click on the menu above to get started!

Whether you are looking for a coach, a consultant or a dose of “can do” what I offer is unique.  I blend my skills in a way that benefits the projects and clients I work on and for. I invite you to check out my about page to learn about my why.  Oh and wonder what it’s like to work with me? Check out my raves page to hear what past clients say about me- and most importantly their results. 


Do you need a new approach or perspective?

As a consultant, I help companies and teams thrive. It's critical to focus on leadership development and engagement at all levels to build trust, which encourages open communication. We do this together by focusing on the people, processes and procedures that help- or hinder- the culture you want (and the productivity you need) to thrive in a competitive economy.  Part business consultant, part leadership coach, all results.  And what my StrengthsFinder results would tell you: I bring the strategy, woo and focus on effective communication strategies needed to bring about a positive change.

[ life COACHING: PERSONAL growth & PROFESSIONAL development ]

Are you ready for what's next but not sure what that is or how to get there? 

Discover what it takes to make your mark. Clarity. Intention. Action.

As a coach, I support my clients as they focus on leading from within, a process that starts with getting super clear on what you want while building a foundation of confidence- and the mindset- needed to lead. Learn how to unleash your courage and confidence, your inner leader, to be wildly successful. Shift from doubt and overwhelm to "can do!". 

I work with ambitious, heart-centered, women to support them as they lean in and embrace their *it* (what you are put here to do)! What does that look like? Discover your passion and purpose to transition to a new career, start a business to create a life on your terms or harness your inner leader to land a big promotion.  It's time to make your mark!

[ motivational SPEAKING ]

Moved to action.

Laura is the passion igniter to add a spark of inspiration to your next meeting, conference or workshop!

What to expect?

Laura's presentations are entertaining, engaging and educate in a way that stirs possibility, triggers motivation and encourages action.

Keynotes, workshops and retreats tailored for your audience. No cookie cutter here (unless you happen to find me in the kitchen).