Raves + Media Mentions

"Revelations and ah-ha moments popping off like fireworks."


I am honored (and beyond grateful) to team-up with AMAZING people and businesses. Often my clients- and the work- is confidential. That said, many are more than happy to provide a reference directly.  Please don't hesitate to ask.

"Laura came into my life at the perfect time when my business was in a big transition.  It had grown to the point where it couldn’t possibly grow any more because I didn’t have the capacity to serve any more clients.  Laura’s coaching helped me get over my fears and self doubt so that I could raise my rates and also part ways with some clients my business had outgrown.  It was so good for my business’s long term health, because even though I went into it feeling like I “knew” all the things I had to do to get my business where I wanted it, Laura helped me find the confidence to enact change. "

~Andrea Zehner, Owner, Pet Friendly Sitting Services (Madison, Wisconsin)

“In working with Laura, she is an advocate for good business practices.  She has very good communication and networking skills.  She also provides great stepping stone information to help people starting a new business.  She challenges women in entrepreneurship and champions them to see their highest potential.  She is a great coach, and I recommend her to anyone.”

Mai Vang, entrepreneur,La Joe Blah (Madison, WI)

"Coaching with Laura was a great experience!  Her knowledge and dedication came through every step of the way. Having another person to talk with, work with, and look things over is good.  Having another person to talk with, work with, and look things over that knows how to communicate, understands the needs of their customer, and brings with them a vast amount of experience and resources is AMAZING. Without a doubt I would work with Laura again."  

~ Greg (Oregon, Wisconsin)

“I wouldn't be where I am today, in many different ways, if it wasn't for Laura. I was stuck in a career that was not a good fit for me and extremely frustrated with trying to figure out what to do next. Laura guided me in a way that was so effortless and smooth that I have made my transition without ever looking back or second guessing what I am doing. Not to say there weren't a few bumps in the road along the way! In the past, those bumps would have thrown me completely off track, but, because of her training, I was able to get myself back on the path to my end goals. 

Thank you Laura! I am so excited to follow you through your latest endeavor and I know who to call if I ever need another push in the right direction!”

~Jennifer S. (Denver, CO)

“Thank you Laura for all of your encouragement and guidance through my job-search journey. You gave me the right balance between pushing me a little out of my comfort zone and at the same time being an awesome cheerleader. You honestly, genuinely care about your clients and I felt that from the very first meeting. Your positive attitude helped me through those frustrating days when it felt like things were never going to fall into place for me. I appreciate your quick, thoughtful, wise responses when I needed your advice. It was awesome to work with you and I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so!”

Anne Obcena (Madison, WI)

“I was very impressed with Laura's presentation at the Dream Bank. I took her laser coaching session and I received the clarity that I needed for reaching new clients. I highly recommend her for entrepreneurs, future speakers, and thought leaders of this community. She has especially aware of the challenges women face in these areas. Thank you Laura!”

~Araceli E. (Madison, WI)

"My conversations with Laura gave me the courage to quit my job (one that I was not incredibly enthusiastic about) to return to the field I’m sure I was born to work in. Realizing it was time for me to take a risk was frightening at first, but she believed in me and cheered me on as needed.  Her enthusiasm was contagious; and when I doubted myself, she knew just what I needed to hear in order to continue moving forward."

Regina Collins, Founder, A Journaled Life, (Fort Worth, Texas)

"Before working with you I was figuring out what action steps to take to begin getting traction in my business. After working with you I was able to take some very direct action steps to get my business going and visible so that I could finally start to gain clients. I really enjoyed the direct tips and you listening to my needs. You are so personable!

~ Christina Rizzo, Word Peace (Norfolk, Virgina)

"I realized I am worthy of others caring for me and I deserve it. Just being able to send you emails and knowing I have your support means a lot. Thanks for your help and I'm happy that you have been part of my journey!"

~ Nicole C. (Washington, DC)

“Laura helped me fine tune my interview skills and gave me the confidence I needed to be successful in my search for a new job. She provided me with helpful tips that put me at ease when interviewing for my dream job!”

~Bryan B. (Barneveld, WI)

“Before I started working with Laura, I was at a crossroads in my life.  I was not saying "yes" to myself often enough, and I was also holding on to old beliefs which weren't doing me any good.  She helped me realize what changes I needed to make both in my work life and my personal life - which was amazing.  I did not expect so many realizations during our time together, but I'm so happy that they occurred.  Thanks so much Laura!”

~ Francine Imbeau (Longueuil, Quebec)

“Laura inspires those she works with and is a trusted advisor to her clients. She provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team member.”

~Marcia D. (Tampa, FL)

"Things happen for a reason.  It started with signing up for a presentation provided by Laura.  I was thinking it was time to search for a different career of find a way to ignite some passion back into my work environment.  Three days later, I was informed that the facility I managed for 18 years was closing.  I immediately was impressed with the passion and excitement that Laura provided during her presentation.  After a few weeks of indecision and feeling like a "duck out of water", I decided to work with Laura.  She invested in me by listening and offering some initial observations.  She genuinely wants to help people find success. 

Laura is passionate, caring and honest in all that she says and does.  She will guide you during a difficult time working with you to find that new path you are ready to tackle. She helps you realize your successes no matter how minimal you initially view them; celebrate those successes and they will lead to much larger opportunities.  The passion that she brings to your discussion leads to you leaving your session with a much higher outlook on your situation.

I have gained a new friendship with an incredible individual.  Thank you for "having my back"!  Everyone could use someone like Laura in their corner and I consider myself fortunate to be one of those people.

(UPDATE: Joe wanted me to share with you that not only did he land a job similar to the one he was job eliminated from but even better the new company honors his values. He negotiated (with my help) his starting salary. He couldn't be more pleased.

~ Joe Ruffer (Verona, Wisconsin)


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"Do one thing that scares you every day." ~ Elenor Roosevelt

"Since I've adopted it as my guiding light, it's ushered in exciting changes, challenges and opportunities that used to seem too far out of my comfort zone. The days I add a dose of fear are by far my most exciting and meaningful ones. I discovered that at the edge of fear is where I flourish! "

(as shared with the editor of Brava).