Ladies Who Lead: A Manifesto

I believe that…

…I am enough.

…to inspire is to lead. I will start with myself.

…I can do anything I put my mind to.

…asking for help is scary. I will ask for help anyway.

…women should build each other up instead of tearing each other down. I won’t  tolerate “mean girls” in my life.

…in surrounding myself with a circle of like-minded women. With their encouragement and support, I will achieve my goals faster.

…being a “good girl” isn’t good for me. I will share my ideas and opinions freely without worrying about what someone will think of me.

…people pleasing will get me now where fast. The only person I will try to please is me.

…in making decisions based out of courage instead of fear. I’m the only one who can hold me back.

...I am not perfect. I will never be perfect. Insisting on perfection sets me up to fail. With that in mind I will strive instead to be my best self.

…I will show up and strive to be my best every day. When I have a bad day I will put it behind me and try again tomorrow. Every day is a clean slate.

…if someone doesn’t see my value- and potential- I will look for a new job, relationship or friend until I find a situation that honors me completely.

…I should talk kindly to myself, the way I talk to people I love.

…I am enough. I am a leader.

Posted on October 12, 2015 and filed under Leadership, Work-Life Blend.