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YOU Are Your Competitive Advantage

Show up and stand out.

Hi! I'm Laura.

Together we are going to change the world. (Well, at least your world- or your business. You've got to start somewhere, right?

We are all leaders.

So how do you become the best leader possible?

By cultivating a “can do” mindset - which will allow success to thrive, and also by focusing on and enhancing what you do best.

By being laser focused on what’s possible and sharing that powerful vision.

By showing up and standing out to establish yourself as a though leader. To be visible. To attract your ideal clients and opportunities into your life.

You are your competitive advantage.

Are you ready to stretch out of your comfort zone and to play to your potential?

Whether you are looking for a certified coach, a consultant or a dose of “can do,” you are in the right place. I offer a unique value proposition for my clients. Tangible results.


PERSONAL growth & PROFESSIONAL development

“Laura has helped me get my motivation back! I was getting overwhelmed with all the “to do’s” of starting a business, that I was just frozen and not sure what to do first. She had a ton of ideas for market and growing my business. I highly recommend Laura!”
— Michelle Jolly, Healthy Horizon's Coaching

Are you ready for what's next but not sure what that is or how to get there?

Discover what it takes to level up to create the change you want to see in the world.

As an International Coach Federation certified coach, I support my clients as they focus on leading from within — a process that begins by gaining clarity on what you want while also building a foundation of confidence- and the mindset- needed to lead. You will learn how to unleash your courage and confidence, your inner leader, and to become wildly successful. There will be a shift from self doubt and overwhelm to "can do!". 

I work with women who are:

  • multi-passionate entrepreneurs ready to lead in their business to grow their influence and attract ideal clients.

  • ambitious, heart-centered leaders ready to step up and embrace their *it* (what you are put here to do)!


Moved to A-C-T-I-O-N.

Laura is the passion igniter to add a spark of inspiration to your next meeting, conference or workshop!

What to expect?

Laura's presentations are entertaining, engaging and educational in a way that stirs possibility, triggers motivation and encourages action.

You can choose from keynotes, workshops and retreats, all of which are tailored to your audience. No cookie cutter here (unless you happen to find her in the kitchen).


“Laura is a trusted advisor; she partners with her clients to co-create strategies aligned with organizational goals and values. She is a great sounding board and makes a leader’s job easier. I highly recommend working with Laura; she’s a rock star.”
— Andrew Campbell, Founder & CEO Buz Expressions

Do you need a new strategy or perspective? Not sure what’s going on and could use an outside opinion?

In a consultative role, Laura helps companies and teams thrive. It's critical to focus on leadership development and engagement at all levels to build trust, which creates belonging and encourages open communication. We do this together by focusing on the people, processes and procedures that help- or hinder- the culture you want (and the productivity you need) to thrive in a competitive economy

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